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“Providing individuals and organizations tools to build pathways towards financial independence.”

At Morgan Franklin Fellowship, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to become financially independent. To support that mission, we have created exciting new opportunities to explore more about financial freedom.

Morgan Franklin Fellowship (MFF) was formed with the mission of teaching how money works in real world situations. Our program introduces financial concepts and provides exposure to real-world investing. We provide these opportunities through financial literacy programs, mentoring and business opportunities..

*Financial Literacy is the discipline and comprehension of financial topics, such as managing personal finance, capital and investing.

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Ben Franklin’s Foresight

Peter Morgan’s appreciation for Benjamin Franklin’s desire to promote civic virtue through the power of compounding interest is why we’re here. Ben Franklin believed that by investing in carefully constructed partnerships, even the smallest sums of money would grow, providing the foundation for the promotion of social philanthropy.  Read more here.

One Starfish Inspires the Journey

Everything that shapes and grows MFF is inspired by the journey of one individual, and sending that individual – or starfish – down the right path. Founder Peter Morgan believes that author Loren Eiseley’s short story perfectly demonstrates the passion behind this project. Read and view more here.


The number of students depends on the generosity of our donors.

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