LinkedIn Seminar -3 Things I Learned

LinkedIn Seminar – 3 Things I Learned By: Kendall Crepeau, MFF Intern First, a big thank you! Thank you to Krystal Hicks, Founder of JOBTALK, for hosting this free LinkedIn Seminar! In this seminar, Krystal goes into detail about how to optimize to its fullest extent, specifically for job hunters.   #1 – Get […]

What is Net Worth? – MFF Two Minute Tuesday

What is Net Worth? MFF Two Minute Tuesday – January 14, 2020 2 Minute Tuesday is a short conversation about a topic related to financial, literacy, investing or entrepreneurship.  

ABC’s of Real Estate Investment

ABC’s of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy By: Russ Harriger Having seen a review of the book by a Morgan Financial Fellow, I felt compelled to share my thoughts coming from a (well) seasoned property management professional. When Peter Morgan handed me this book on real estate investing, my instinctive question was “ I […]