Mitigating Risk with Insurance

Insurance is a way to mitigate risk; it is about securing your life, family, and assets. There are many different types or insurance, and you probably won’t need them all. Some common types of insurance and what they cover are: Auto Insurance Liability Coverage pays for property damage and or injuries to another person caused by […]

Top Investors Start Here

Here are some principal investment terms:  Investment Objectives are usually based upon three factors: risk tolerance, volatility, and return on your investment. Risk Tolerance is the amount of risk or loss an investor is willing to tolerate. It is measured on a continuum that moves from conservative, to moderate, to aggressive.  Volatility is the “up and […]

How Experts Build a Financial Strategy

Financial needs change over time, and as we become more financially stable, we tend to move from one investment strategy to another. We move from protecting to planning and prioritizing, and finish up planning for the future. Defensive Planning is about protecting what you have and what you earn. Most people in this category focus on […]

Why You Need to Pay Yourself First

 “Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.” ~ Warren Buffett Putting money in savings before you begin to plan for other expenses is called Paying Yourself First. No matter how you save or the amount of money you save, this is one of the most fundamental saving concepts. Saving […]

Are You Prepared For a Financial Emergency?

What constitutes an emergency?  You will have your own definition of an emergency. For some families, a relatively small, unexpected expense, such as a car repair or a modest medical bill, can pose a financial hardship.  A study by the Federal Reserve System in 2019 found that 40% of Americans would struggle to come up with […]

Change Your Financial Situation with These 6 Steps

Best practice is about leveraging what other people have done, and using it to improve your own situation. Below are six ideas to think about when saving: Start Small – Rather than trying to save an unattainable amount each month that will prevent you from meeting your financial obligations, begin with a more manageable amount based […]

How Top Performers Actually Achieve Goals

Goal setting is important because it keeps us focused on what we want to achieve. Everyone has a different financial vision for the future, and that vision or dream may change over time. Reaching your financial vision is not something that happens without planning, nor does it happen overnight. In order to achieve your financial dream, you […]

Do You Understand Where Your Money Goes?

While spending plans or budgets don’t look the same they often include similar groupings or classifications. Here are some categories to consider as you set up your spending plan: Housing – includes rent or mortgage, insurance and property taxes and any condo or homeowner association fees, and money to repair or replace appliances and general […]

Top 4 Things You Need To Know As You Make Spending Decisions

Spending is about making choices. Some spending choices are simple and easy to make, while others may prove to be more difficult. Things you need to know as you make spending and saving decisions include: How much money comes in each month?  Where do you spend your money each month? Is there a difference between […]

3 Things To Consider When Looking For A Job

How much you get paid depends on a lot of factors, including your skill set, the demand for the skills you have, and what other people are getting paid.   ~ CrashCourse Jobs and careers enable us to earn enough money to support ourselves and our families.  As you work towards financial independence, it is important to align […]