student loan repayment

Five Steps to Student Loan Repayment

After you’ve hung your college diploma and polished your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to turn your thoughts to managing your student loan repayment. Listen in as we offer helpful and practical information to get you started in the process of repaying your federal and/or private (alternative) student loans.

One of the most important tips shared during the workshop? If you are struggling with repaying your student loans, talk with your loan servicer(s) as soon as you know you are having trouble making a payment. Depending on what type of loan(s) you have, many options are available to assist you and your loan servicer(s) will help you to understand these options.  

During this short workshop, these topics are featured:

  • Know Your Loans
  • Get Ready
  • When In Trouble
  • Be Resource Rich
  • Why All This Matters

Become an MFF Fellow

Our Standards of Financial Literacy program is engaging, full of interesting information, and easy to navigate. Adapted from the National Standards for Financial Literacy developed by the Council for Economic Education (CEE), this robust curriculum features six short lessons on such important topics as earning income, the value of saving and using credit. When completed, this program lays the foundation to become an MFF Fellow.

Becoming an MFF Fellow is the ticket to accessing additional MFF programs and opportunities for mentoring, networking, internships and real-world opportunities. These are the opportunities which allow MFF Fellows to continue their journey to personal financial success.

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