Why We’re Here

There’s a clear gap when it comes to financial knowledge. These days, learning how money functions and how to make it work for you is not happening enough in homes, schools or in the workplace.

What is wealth? What are the habits and behaviors of people who accumulate wealth? Unfortunately, some of these concepts seem foreign to a large part of the population. They are teachable, though, and we intend to help develop behaviors through these programs that will improve communications about, and the financial well-being for you, your family and your community.  

We’ll show you how net worth should be your focus, as opposed to only W2 income. Looking at just a paycheck is like watching a football game and only tracking yards gained. There’s much more to it!

At MFF, we’ll introduce you to a new goal: financial independence. Our platform gives you the insight to employ your net worth to earn passive income. Net worth drives the game toward becoming financially independent.

The Vision

Teaching financial literacy and building financial independence through education, growth, diversity, and perpetuity.

A Little History

Peter Morgan, a successful real estate investor, has always loved sharing knowledge about how money works and how to make money. In 2014, he founded Morgan Franklin Fellowship to guide young people toward the goal of financial independence.

That first class of Financial Fellows – who are now called our Pioneers – received several years of personal instruction and real-world experience in finance with Peter himself. Fellows invested money in the stock market. The “Aha!” moment occurred when they saw their returns. They got paid to manage the funds, now added to their Roth IRAs.

In 2017, we expanded the program and MFF became a nonprofit foundation. In 2018, we launched our first online financial literacy program to cohorts of both high school students and Marines, and that program has now been expanded to include three levels:

Fundamentals of Financial Literacy

Fundamentals of Investing

Fundamentals of Business and Finance

Ben Franklin’s Foresight

Peter Morgan’s appreciation for Benjamin Franklin’s desire to promote civic virtue through the power of compounding interest is why we’re here. Ben Franklin believed that by investing in carefully constructed partnerships, even the smallest sums of money would grow, providing the foundation for the promotion of social philanthropy. 

He understood that providing citizens with stipulated financial support, no matter its size, would, in turn, encourage civic responsibility. This is expressly stated in the Codicil to his Will, in which Franklin bequeathed 1,000 pounds sterling to the citizens of his native city of Boston and his adopted city of Philadelphia. He had carefully calculated how those funds would grow over a 200-year period and directed that the proceeds be used solely for philanthropic and civic improvements.

With Franklin’s idea in mind, Peter asked the question, “Could my for-profit business, Morgan Legacy Partners, create a similar funding model to support the work of our non-profit, the Morgan Franklin Fellowship for 200 years?”

This sentiment inspired Peter’s philosophy that providing youth with a solid framework of financial literacy, in which is embedded the theme of community responsibility, encourages not only their own personal success but their commitment to better their own rising generation. 

This is the bedrock of the Morgan Franklin Fellowship.

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