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Kendall Crepeau

Name: Kendall Crepeau

Business/Organization: Morgan Franklin Fellowship


Kendall Crepeau is a sociable, tech savvy intern with The Morgan Franklin
Fellowship. Her passion for social media from has given her a platform to grow her name and brand, accumulating over 100,000 video views and nearly 3,000 followers in under a year. Her passionate and non-traditional personality is a great fit for the fellowship program. She hopes to help normalizing the non-traditional learning system during the time of her internship.

Kendall has also taught a social media course with the Nackey S. Loeb School
of Communications, educating people on her knowledge on social media in a welcoming, simple way. She is also already taking steps to achieve her dreams of becoming an RN, taking the VLACS experience course “Healthcare: The Nursing Experience”

Specialties: Social media, online learning, public speaking.

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