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Stephanie McLaughlin

Name: Stephanie McLaughlin

MFF Status: Marketing Director

Business/Organization: Savoir Faire Marketing/Communications


Stephanie McLaughlin merges creativity with clarity to develop marketing programs that impact clients’ bottom line. She is the principal of Savoir Faire Marketing/Communications, a longtime marketing agency in Manchester, NH.

She strives to help you Make Your Marketing Matter. Stephanie leads an exceptionally talented and dynamic team, emboldening their skills to produce remarkable results for her clients. Her superpower is uncovering a company’s “soul” and then developing stories that resonate with the audiences that drive a company’s success.

Once she’s hung her work hat for the day, Stephanie McLaughlin hangs upside down from silk ribbons or crafts masterpieces in stained glass.

Specialties: marketing, communications, writing, organization, project management.

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