Beginning Anew – Martha’s Story

It has been quite a busy few months for one of our newest MFF Fellows, Martha Lusk. Martha, a resident of Venice, FL, became an MFF Fellow in the winter of 2020 by completing our Standards of Financial Literacy ISFL) course. In June 2020, she became the Secretary and Treasurer of Venice Asset Group LLC, a rental property real estate company.  

In this short video, Martha talks about how life has dramatically changed for herself and her young family in the past year. She shares the skills she has not only learned – from personal budgeting to understanding how to prepare the company’s financial reports and more – as an MFF Fellow. These are skills she now actively applies in her work at Venice Asset Group and other entities her family is involved in.

We are delighted to see how Martha has embraced our focus of helping people to save, invest and grow their money while helping them to develop his or her business confidence. We look forward to sharing more of Martha’s story with you soon!

For more about what our Fellows are up to, please click here.

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