Peter Morgan Founder, Entrepreneur and Real Estate DeveloperGLOBAL PANDEMIC

The world suddenly changed, one of those very rare occasions when all that was known and stable yesterday, is turned “upside down.” All of our predictions and expectations are thrown asunder. What shall we do?

First and foremost, we need to stay alert. It is important that we listen to our formal leadership players and what they are sharing with us. Their guidance is critical. We need to follow their lead.

It is time to reflect on how this may change or alter your existing plans in the short term. What can we learn from the experience in China and South Korea? Will those patterns follow as we embrace the societal changes here? Perhaps the peak of infection will come and go within the next 90 days and things will begin to “normalize.” We have to play this out.

Over the coming weeks, as things around us become more predictable, we can begin the process of assessing how much of this change will become the new norm. What will this look like? Will it be working remotely, online learning in all sorts of new ways, and what types of jobs will be and are more vulnerable to this dramatic change?

I am told that when the Chinese symbol for crisis is turned over, it translates to opportunity. We are clearly in a global crisis, and as a result, many things will change. Some of these changes will become permanent and give rise to new opportunities. Which of these opportunities can you position yourself to “take advantage of” by coming to learn, understand, embrace, test and then put to practice? How can you grasp and understand this “new world” and shape your future within it, for your own benefit as well as to the benefit of others?

This happened to our world of yesterday. Tomorrow will be different. Be open and early to engage with this new reality, and prosper as a result.

All this will stabilize but also become different. Success in this new world will come more easily to those that embrace the changes and not fight them.

Peter Morgan
Founder, Morgan Franklin Fellowship


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