Ella, MFF FellowLook who stopped by our Headquarters in Goffstown, NH. It’s Ella C! Ella just graduated from the Morgan Franklin Fellowship’s Financial Literacy Course. She is now a “Financial Fellow.” Ella enjoyed a tour of the office was presented with her certificate from our Executive Director, Judi Window. “This was the first time I’ve met Ella.” Judi explains, “She is a vivacious young woman!” I am so proud to have her as one of our MFF Fellows.

During lunch Ella quickly offered up her two-cents about the curriculum, her likes and dislikes. She was excited to learn the entire program is in the being updated. Judi asked Ella if she would like to earn extra credit points by helping to review and comment on the new course and layout before it’s released. Ella quickly agreed. Judi let her take a sneak peek of the course layout from her desk at the MFF Office. “WOW, wow… wow….. I love it!” Ella exclaimed.

Well there you have it folks, our 2019 Fellow are beginning to graduate. We are looking forward to seeing more success stories. Be watching for Ella’s blogs and business ideas… she has a lot of them!


The number of students depends on the generosity of our donors.

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