By: Liam Deselle, 2016 Pioneer – MFF Fellow

What will Malls look like in 5 years?

The local mall in Manchester, NH is undergoing a big change with Sears gone and Dick’s Sporting Goods coming in soon, but how long will it last?  Millennials make three in five of their purchases online, and 36% of their purchases on a mobile device, according to a survey in March involving 1,002 millennials by CouponFollow, a digital coupon company.  See story on Forever 21 filing for bankruptcy. I think we won’t see as many malls in 5 years, but more delivery trucks on the road causing traffic!  I notice traffic more now that I have my license.

What would an impeachment of Trump do to the Stock Market?

Some experts actually think the Trump impeachment hearings could be good for the stock market. I was surprised at first, but now I agree! Also in the two months before Clinton’s Senate acquittal in February 1999, the S&P 500 rallied about 10%, according to JPMorgan data.

Miracle morning

Take a break from current events and start your day off right. The Miracle morning philosophy can have a positive impact on your day and your life, regardless of the stock market, malls or you financial situation!


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