Morgan Franklin FellowshipRecently MFF has made a big move. As a fifth-year fellow in the Morgan Franklin Fellowship Program I was extremely excited to see the new location. Their decision to move has proven to be a well needed step in the program. The new space is located at 470 Mast Road in Goffstown NH. An excellent location that is easily accessible and is very close to all the essentials. Market Basket, and antique store, and only a short 14 minutes from Starbucks!

But anyway, back to the important things; this new building provides much more parking along with a conference room! We’re still working on a white board, but there is finally a place where MFF fellows are welcome to meet as they please whether it is with Melissa, Peter, or just with each other! The conference room could also be used for personal mentors, financial mentors and advisors to meet with the fellows and each other. This would help get them more involved with the program. This new space provides the opportunity for the community of fellows and others to become more tight-knit and serves as a place for some serious brainstorming. Not all fellows are from NH, we range from Hawaii to Alaska to Colorado and many more places. Due to some distance in between, other fellows could be facetimed in if we were to have a giant meeting with all fellows. With new technology it is easy to stay connected.

A great use for this open space would be a quarterly or semi-annually meeting for all fellows to come together and talk about their progress, new knowledge, and what’s new in their personal lives. It would be similar to the reports, just in such a way that it would create a much more social environment.

Written by: Allison Demirjian – Morgan Franklin Fellow


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