Tori BerubeTori Berube joined the MFF team in October on an interim basis and is focused on developing our various marketing and outreach initiatives.  Her passion for sharing financial wellness information began nearly 20 years ago when she began presenting Junior Achievement’s programming to second graders in a local elementary school.  Like many others on the MFF team, she is a lifelong learner and is enjoying learning MFF’s curriculum, as well as the technologies and platforms used by MFF.

Tori brings leadership experience in the for-profit and nonprofit arenas, having previously worked at The NHHEAF Network and Velcro USA Inc. Active in her community, she volunteers with the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership program and The Capital Region Food Program. She also serves on the board of the NH Jump$tart Coalition, where she shares her love of financial education with New Hampshire’s K – 12 students, once again focusing on second graders with the NHJSC’s “I Can Save” Program. Tori earned her Bachelor’s degree in Management from Keene State College and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Granite State College.


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