Catching up with Fellow Trent Remillard

Trent Remillard is a Pioneer Fellow of MFF, a graduate of Bryant University, and currently works as a Financial Advisor at TD Bank. We have a great conversation going through his history at MFF, the outlook on the economy, crypto, and learn he doesn’t know the ‘van down by the river’ SNL skit. Listen on […]

Karen Webb, Real Estate Attorney, General Counsel to Morgan Legacy Partners – Business Operating Agreements, Real Estate Investing, and Education. – MFF’s Save Invest Grow Podcast Series

Karen Webb has been a Real Estate and Corporate Attorney for over 30 years on the Seacoast in New Hampshire.  Karen also led a nonprofit called Project Safety Association which implemented substance abuse prevention education programs within the Portsmouth School system. In this conversation, Judi, Steve, and Karen discuss Small Business Ownership, Real Estate Investing, Business […]

Catching up with Fellow Zach Risseeuw – MFF’s Save Invest Grow Podcast Series

In this episode, we catch up with Pioneer fellow, Zach Risseeuw. Zach originally completed the MFF program during High School and is now in College at George Mason University! Zach is well on his way to financial success with already making investments and has job prospects already lined up. Catching up with Fellow Zach Risseeuw […]

Catching up with Fellow Liam Deselle – MFF’s Save Invest Grow Podcast Series

In this Catching up with past Fellow’s episode, we speak with Liam Deselle. Liam originally started our MFF program at age 13 and is our last ‘Pioneer Fellow’. Catching up with Fellow Liam Deselle Listen in as we talk about saving, investing, and growing your money, business, and your life! You can follow our podcasts […]

Catching up with an MFF Fellow in Action

At MFF, we believe in the one starfish at a time mantra that every student we come into contact with is the most important student in the world to us. Allison Demirjian was one of our first students – we consider her a pioneer for our program. Beyond completing our courses to become a fellow, […]

An MFF Fellow’s Story: From Recovery to Entrepreneur

MFF Fellow Brandon Turner is an entrepreneur.

In this enlightening and engaging conversation, MFF Fellows Brandon Turner and Steve Spain discuss Brandon’s journey from recovery to financial coaching and becoming an entrepreneur. Brandon, an author and a financial independence coach, recently left his full-time job to launch a successful home painting business (with just word-of-mouth referrals!). Brandon and Steve discuss personal finance, […]

How House Hacking Changed an MFF Fellow’s Life

financial coach

MFF Fellow Steve Spain recently joined the MFF Team to develop our business and skill development content as a subject matter expert.  Steve has a passion for real estate (including owning this beauty of a property!) and recently took the time to share how leveraging this passion is helping he and his family to work less […]

10 Ways to Save Money on Food

10 Ways to Save Money on Food

Editor’s Note: Brandon Turner is one of our newest MFF Fellows. An author and a financial independence coach, Brandon recently launched a  successful home painting business.  Noted personal finance expert Dave Ramsey talks about the “Four Walls” to help prioritize your debt repayment. There are the four things you should spend your money on first […]

From College Student to Financial Independence Coach

What a Difference a Year Makes! In just one year, MFF Fellow (and former Intern) Trent Remillard has gone from working hard as a college student to launching his career as a personal financial advisor with a national lending institution. We recently caught up with Trent to learn more about his exciting journey and are […]