The MFF Inaugural Junto Club

In 1727, Benjamin Franklin organized a group of twelve friends to discuss business, politics, science, and various topics of the day. The members of the original group included a printer, a surveyor, an inventor, a cabinetmaker, a shoemaker, a clerk, a bartender, a mathematician, a poet, a man of great wealth, and several merchants. The […]

Get Your Information – for Free!

free information

A recent online experience left me thinking about how we have access to really great free information, resources, and tools. I was receiving many advertisements focused on various mergers and acquisitions courses after purchasing a few books on the topic. As I evaluated one advertisement for a series of online courses on the topic, I […]

Surviving the Grocery Store During Increased Food Prices

grocery store

Are you like the MFF staff and are stunned by the dramatic increase in your grocery bill? Are you thinking twice about buying certain items to fill your cart or basket as you walk through the grocery store? For a variety of reasons – supply chain issues, bad weather, and plain old inflation – we […]

The Cost of Forgetfulness: Rebates and Trial Offers


Your forgetfulness is incredibly lucrative for businesses. With so much for us to remember in our daily lives, it is often easy to forget the little things. There are all kinds of examples of this: canceling a service that you are no longer using, sending in that rebate form for a purchase you made, leaving […]

Hello 2022!


Welcome to 2022! At this time of year, some of say “This is the year, I will (fill in the blank).” These resolutions are created with good intentions, but often don’t quite succeed. Sometimes the resolution is a little overly ambitious and sometimes because we do not see immediate results, we give up.  The MFF […]

What’s Up With the Term “Financial Literacy?”

financial literacy

“Financial Literacy” is a term I struggle with. It’s a term that those who know about money use to talk about money with those that (they think) do not understand how money works. Hearing the term “financial literacy” is basically like fingers on a chalkboard for me – it basically comes across that you do […]

Good-bye 2021, Hello 2022!

end-of-the-year financial check-up

This is the time of year when all kinds of things are happening. It is crazy busy, the holidays come and go in the blink of an eye, and get-togethers and gift-giving are big deals. In addition to the holidays and gift-giving, we are coming up on the end of the year and for many […]

Deferred Maintenance: The Cost That Increases Over Time – and Always Catches Up to You

deferred maintenance

It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. Maintenance is always a tough pill to swallow. You might immediately think of car or home maintenance. It also carries over to other items such as your electronic devices, appliance cleaning, lawn care, health care, fitness, and many others. Regularly scheduled maintenance is probably the cheapest […]

Let’s Talk Holiday Gift-Giving …

holiday gift giving

As we celebrate Thanksgiving next week, many of us will begin shopping for holiday gifts for family and friends. While we’ve recently shared ideas for getting ready for the holiday season and talked about the need for creating a spending plan, now it’s time to share simple tips to help you manage your holiday spending! […]

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day Job

you don't have to quit your day job

I am here to tell you that you can 100% start a new business, pursue additional education or do other things without quitting your day job. Most everyone has dreamed of starting their own business or going back to school. Often the mid-afternoon (or Monday morning) daydream starts with quitting your day job and pursuing […]