Ethics & Investing

Ethics in investing is a process used by investors to align ethical and moral standards with how they make investments. As investors become more involved with how their money is distributed across financial markets, regulators, financial professionals, and businesses have begun to incorporate investors of all sizes in their decision making process. This has led to greater […]

Investing Regulations

The number of people who are investing in the stock and bond markets through various ways has increased significantly, and the demand for innovative and complex investment products has also gone up. To meet the growing demand for investment products, the government has created regulations to manage and regulate investing at all levels.  Examining how […]

The Financial System

A financial system is a set of institutions, such as banks, brokerage firms, and stock exchanges, that allow the exchange of funds between financial market participants such as investors, lenders, and borrowers. Financial systems exist on local, regional, and global levels, and include rules and practices that borrowers and lenders use to decide which projects get […]

The Economic System

When we invest money into the economy, we are investing in companies that create and distribute goods and services, or we can be investing directly in the raw materials known as commodities like gold, corn, or oil and gas. So, it’s a good idea to have a working knowledge of economics. Economics is the study […]