MFF Is All About the Experience

MFF Founder Peter Morgan with MFF Fellows

By: Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations WALK YOUR TALK Back in August of 2019, I joined the Morgan Franklin Fellowship Team. It was exciting to be a part of a small team that had a strong mission to provide many with the opportunity to become financially independent. What I did not know when I […]

History of Insurance

Ancient Times – 1700’s Bottomry/Maritime Insurance The first recorded use of insurance was to make provision for ships and their cargo lost at sea. Bottomry, also known as marine insurance, provided bankers with guarantees against loss as maritime trading increased, and in return, the merchants paid the bankers a fee for this protection. Bottomry was practiced […]

Quickbooks Lunch & Learn

On August 25th, Sarah Beals gave a comprehensive presentation on Quickbooks for our MFF August Lunch & Learn.  She did a wonderful job presenting!  Thank you to both Sarah and Michelle Demirjian for their work on this.       The presentation slides can be found here: QuickBooks Procedures. We look forward to offering more […]

One Starfish Inspires the Journey

Everything that shapes and grows MFF is inspired by the journey of one individual, and sending that individual – or starfish – down the right path. Founder Peter Morgan believes that author Loren Eiseley’s short story below perfectly demonstrates the passion behind this project.   “Once upon a time, there was a wise man who […]

MFF’s Namesake: Ben Franklin’s Foresight

Peter Morgan’s appreciation for Benjamin Franklin’s desire to promote civic virtue through the power of compounding interest is why we’re here. Ben Franklin believed that by investing in carefully constructed partnerships, even the smallest sums of money would grow, providing the foundation for the promotion of social philanthropy.  He understood that providing citizens with stipulated […]

Financial Tools: The Pros & Cons of Mint

By: Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations WHAT IS MINT? Mint is a great financial tool by Intuit. They are the same company that created Quickbooks which is used by many organizations for bookkeeping and accounting. They also offer a product called TurboTax which is one of the largest softwares out there for people to […]

Earning Income in a Changing World: Thursday July 16

By: Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations NO ONE PLANNED FOR THIS The pandemic has already reshaped the landscape in the short term as a health crisis. It has and will continue to reshape the landscape in the longer term. A serious economic crisis may carry on for what could be years, or even a […]

Professional Networking During and After the Coronavirus

By: Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations June 1, 2020   The Pandemic and the Pivot It is not new anymore. The pandemic has reshaped all of our lives in a big way. As of May 29, 2020, more than 21 million people in the United States have continued to apply for unemployment. Many have […]

Self Care Practice and Financial Literacy

By: Jillian Starman, Ph.D., MFF Director of Education; Founder of Wise Women Leadership Dr. Jillian Starman is the Director of Education for Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation: an organization that promotes financial independence through online financial literacy education, and the founder of Wise Women Leadership: an organization that focuses on leadership growth, performance improvement, and business […]