Top Investors Start Here

Here are some principal investment terms:  Investment Objectives are usually based upon three factors: risk tolerance, volatility, and return on your investment. Risk Tolerance is the amount of risk or loss an investor is willing to tolerate. It is measured on a continuum that moves from conservative, to moderate, to aggressive.  Volatility is the “up and […]

How Experts Build a Financial Strategy

Financial needs change over time, and as we become more financially stable, we tend to move from one investment strategy to another. We move from protecting to planning and prioritizing, and finish up planning for the future. Defensive Planning is about protecting what you have and what you earn. Most people in this category focus on […]

Financial Risk: More Than a Game of Strategy

Financial risk tolerance is simply a measure of how much of a loss an investor is willing to endure within a portfolio and his or her willingness to accept higher risk in exchange for the possibility of higher returns.  Financial risk tolerance looks at how much market risk—stock volatility, stock market swings, economic or political […]

Four Benefits of Real Estate Investing

The benefits of investing in real estate as a way to build wealth are many.  When investing in the right property,  investors can enjoy predictable cash flow, excellent returns, tax advantages, and diversification.  Four Benefits of Real Estate Investing are: Cash-on-cash – This measures as a percentage the cash income earned on the cash invested […]