Ella's School Shopping Spree

Ella’s School Shopping Spree

Ella’s School Shopping Spree

By Ella C. – 2019 MFF Fellow
This weekend was my trip to Boston. My mother allowed me a five hundred dollar budget with the promise of what I did not spend I was able to keep. This is what I managed to buy! What I noticed while shopping is that brands heavily influence the price of an item, as well as where you buy the item from.

The place where I had the most luck was thrift stores. I was able to get a Goodfellow & Co. polo shirt (≈ $10), button up from Margaritaville (≈$15? unsure), and a converse brand t-shirt (≈25) for under four dollars. Buy from second-hand stores also reduces the waste that goes into dumps and landfills!

A store we went to while there is a store called Brandy Melville. Not only were the clothes only one size, almost everything had a minimum price of twenty dollars. A pair of cargo pants from there were about forty dollars. You could buy a very similar pair from Primark for 17. The worst part is, even if you bought something from there, you would be able to brag because there is no visible brand tag on any of the garments.

Buying with cash definitely made me more mindful of how much I was spending. Seeing the money dwindling made me more careful of how many things I actually bought. Whereas usually, when my mother buys things for me, I don’t see anything going away, so I am less affected. Speaking of paying with cash, I paid for everything myself at the counter. My mother didn’t have to buy anything for me. Honestly, it was quite scary being up in front of a person at a counter.

The rest of the trip was successful! I was able to spend below budget by cutting things I might not have worn and buying from more affordable stores.  I started with a $500 budget and had $149.89 left over. I currently have it in my piggy bank. I have asked my Mom to open a savings account for me ASAP.

Ella’s School Shopping Haul

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