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Let’s Talk Holiday Gift-Giving …

As we celebrate Thanksgiving next week, many of us will begin shopping for holiday gifts for family and friends. While we’ve recently shared ideas for getting ready for the holiday season and talked about the need for creating a spending plan, now it’s time to share simple tips to help you manage your holiday spending!

We’ve done the legwork and gathered some helpful tips for you. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and read up!

1.     Make a list of the people you plan to buy for. Think about what you might like to buy for that person – and establish a budget for each person. This helps you to identify how many gifts you need to purchase – and what the total cost might be.

2.     Give yourself a set amount to spend and pay in cash. By paying cash, you will be more aware of how much you are spending – and won’t be looking at ugly credit card statements to begin the New Year! (And remember, carrying a balance on your credit cards long after December makes that “good buy” an expensive buy once interest charges start accruing each month!)

3.     Shop early – find those deals! With retailers offering pre-Black Friday deals, budget-saving coupons and sales long into December, shopping early will save you money, give you lots of inventory to choose from (avoiding the supply-chain problem), and get you home to watch “A Christmas Story” and “Elf” in plenty of time! (And remember to look for helpful apps to find the best price on an item!

4.     If your budget is tight, consider homemade gifts or crafts – or giving the gift of your time – instead! Think about a beautifully-framed picture, a homemade meal, or a coupon for a “service” like a night of free babysitting or a day of errand-driving. Remember, it’s always the thought – and the relationship – that matters!

5.      Instead of a dinner out to celebrate the holidays, consider a pot-luck “Friends-giving”. Everyone brings a favorite holiday dish to share – and shares the story of why the dish is a favorite! Instead of a holiday party, suggest a day of community service with your friends and family. Not only will you save money, you will create wonderful memories – and do something good for those in need! And that’s the true beauty of the holiday season, sharing time and fellowship with friends and family and making time to help those in need!

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