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Ready or Not, Here Comes the Holiday Gift-Giving Season!

Have you noticed many stores are already ready for the upcoming holiday gift giving season?  I saw my first Christmas ad on television the other day. My local craft and home décor store has had holiday supplies on display for two months (always fun to shop for Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving and Christmas before Labor Day). And on a recent drive, I am 99% confident I saw Christmas trees for sale in a local nursery! And the nightly news is now promoting issues within supply chains as another reason to start holiday shopping now. Wow.

In a study from completed in August 2021:

  • More than half of shoppers (51%) plan to start their shopping before Halloween in 2021 – that breaks down to 13% who said they would start as early as August, 27% who said they’d start before the end of September and 25% who said they’d begin in October. Another 35% responded that they would start shopping in November and 13% said December.
  • 62% of respondents plan to make most of their purchases online. Most say it’s convenient and that they want to stay away from crowds.

Another recent study from found:

  • Consumers plan to spend 15% more than they did last year — $885.76 on average, up from $766 in 2020 and $738 in 2019.
  • 46% of the survey respondents say they would purchase with an online retailer only if they provide free shipping.
  • When it comes to deciding which products to purchase while holiday shopping, 62% of shoppers rely on recommendations from family and friends. 43% base their purchases on product reviews by other customers.

Between my recent observations and this study, it’s got me thinking about how I will plan for my holiday shopping this year. How are you preparing for the holiday season and gift-giving? Are you planning ahead and setting aside money now to spend as the holidays approach? Do you budget (and purchase items) throughout the year? Are you modifying your gift-giving plans for this year?

Watch for our upcoming blogs with helpful holiday tips!


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