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What’s Your 2021 Holiday Shopping Plan?

A few weeks ago, we explored preparing for the holiday season and gift-giving in our blog post Here Comes the Holiday Gift-Giving Season!”. With less than two months until Christmas, let’s take a look at some of our favorite helpful tips to get your holiday shopping plan underway – without busting your holiday budget or spending plan or pulling your hair out! 

    • Start now, especially if you plan to shop online or need to mail your gifts! The “must-have” items may sell out quickly.
    • Search the discount, loyalty and reward programs you are currently enrolled in – or consider signing up for new ones for any incentives they offer that will help you stick to your spending plan.
    • Consider using a variety of shopping methods for the holiday season – in-store, online, big box stores, local merchants!
    • If shopping online, seek out retailers offering free shipping! There might be a minimum charge for free shipping, so see if you can combine gifts with one retailer when shopping. (And if the retailer is out of stock in a brick-and-mortar store, try the store’s online store and see if they will ship to the store – for free!)
    • Follow your favorite retailers on social media for advanced announcements of sales and promotions
    • Search for coupon codes to use at various retailers. (We like
    • Consider gift cards! Many retailers offer online gift cards that are sent to the recipient immediately. The convenience of a gift card? They never are out-of-stock! And some retailers will offer a bonus card if you purchase a gift card – a double-win!
    • Shop at stores that offer holiday price matching and use price comparison websites like Honey or PriceGrabber, which allow you to see the price of an item at a number of stores. If you are wandering the aisles of a store and see an item you like, use an app like ShopSavvy to compare prices at other stores.

However you choose to shop this holiday season, remember many retailers may not only be experiencing a supply chain shortage, but also a labor shortage. This may result in stores reducing their hours of operation. Be patient! Or better yet, think about increasing your income and covering your holiday gift-giving budget this holiday season by working part-time!

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