Income Taxes 101: What You Need to Know When Filing Your 2020 Taxes

By: Tori Berube, Director of Marketing & Outreach

This year, federal income tax filing season begins Friday, February 12th, after being delayed due to the passing of December’s COVID-19 stimulus bill. And yes, income tax forms still need to be filed by April 15th! 

Cary Gladstone, the Senior Director of Asset Building Strategies for New Hampshire’s Granite United Way, recently joined us to talk through the basics of income tax filing and what is different in 2020.  Join Cary as he:

  • Defines the five tax filing statuses 
  • Reviews standard deductions versus itemizing
  • Explains various tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, child tax credits and other dependent tax credits
  • Outlines other items which may impact your 2020 taxes, including COVID-19, unemployment and stimulus payments
  • Reviews the documents needed to file income taxes
  • Encourages participants to think of tax time as “savings time”

Cary also shares information on how many New Hampshire residents may qualify for free tax filing services. Listen in today.

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