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Leadership from the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life.

Our MFF Book Suggestions feature includes many of our favorite books on money management, personal and business development, leadership skills, and real estate investment. These are the books that have helped us to grow personally and professionally – and to help us master the game of money!

Dr. Jillian Starman, MFF’s Director of Education, is the founder of Wise Women Leadership and this week, she recommends Kevin Cashman’s Leadership from the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life. She says, “This is an interactive, practical guide that provides space for the reader to write reflections, insights, and commitments for leadership mastery on every other page. The author brings together seven essential pathways to leadership mastery including personal mastery, change mastery, and action mastery. At the end of each chapter, there is a page to think about learning, resources needed, obstacles that may arise, and timeline for success. While you may not agree with or feel that you want to incorporate all of Kevin’s mastery practices, he does bring together a lot of interesting topics around effective leadership. This is a good book for aligning values and leading authentically no matter how long you have been in leadership.”

We add five books to our MFF Suggested Books list each month. Are there books that have helped you to grow your personal or professional confidence? Share your book suggestions with us by emailing us at morganfranklinfellowship@morganfranklinfellowship.com!

A Journey to Personal Financial Independence
At Morgan Franklin Fellowship (MFF), we support the concept of financial freedom – by teaching participants how to save by paying themselves first, invest for their future and grow their net worth.

Learning how money works and how to talk about money with others are the first steps towards recognizing an individual’s lifelong financial goals. Our online courses and on-demand learning events are designed to help individuals learn the concepts, rules and vocabulary of money, finance and investing.

Becoming an MFF Fellow  
Our Standards of Financial Literacy program is engaging, full of interesting information, and easy to navigate. Adapted from the National Standards for Financial Literacy developed by the Council for Economic Education (CEE), this robust curriculum features six short lessons on such important topics as earning income, understanding the value of saving and using credit.

When completed, this program lays the foundation for becoming an MFF Fellow. Becoming an MFF Fellow is the ticket to access additional MFF programs and opportunities for mentoring, networking, internships and real-world opportunities. These are the opportunities which allow MFF Fellows to continue their journey towards personal financial independence.

Learn more at morganfranklinfellowship.com.

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