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Judi Window

Name: Judi Window

MFF Status: Executive Director

Business/Organization: Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation [MFF]

About: Judi Window is an experienced, hands on, forward thinker, “sleeves rolled up” manager and community leader. She is a motivational leader, teacher and speaker always seeking other’s point of view. From her office at 470HQ in Goffstown NH, she consults with MFF, Morgan Legacy Partners, Keto Clinic NH, Longship Capital, JJD Central, and she is the owner of Healthy Wealthy & Wise, LLC.

Window was a founder and President/CEO of Granite State Ambassadors for almost 20 years. She spends time volunteering with various organizations, including Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications, and she continues to guide NH Granite State Ambassadors as a board member.

Specialties: teaching, speaking, training, marketing, & project management.



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