Name: Marc Lussier

MFF Status: MFF Board Member

Business/Organization: VP of Operations at Geophysical Survey Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) and Partner at Lear Capital Partners

About: Marc is currently the Head of Group Technical Services and VP for an international capital equipment company. Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and career excellence in areas of international sales & service, engineering, marketing, and project management.

He believes that people are the most important asset of any company and is focused on startups and advising companies that can benefit from his 30+ years of experience. Marc is passionate about helping companies develop a clear strategy and vision, provide continuous improvement methods, gain efficiencies, instill superior customer service and develop a strong corporate culture.

He holds a BS in Electronic Engineering from UMass as well as a MBA from SNHU. Marc lives in southern NH, is very family oriented (married with 2 grown children), with a 25+ year history of community service.

Specialties: International sales and service, Community service, Traveling, Home improvement projects and playing soccer