Name: Travis TerryTravis Terry Director Travis Terry & Company, CPA (MLP)

MFF Status: MFF Board Member

Business/Organization: Travis Terry & Company, CPA

About: Owner, operator who has over 25 years experience in the field of taxation and accounting. Started the CPA Firm in the year 2000, and currently has built the practice up to over 100 business clients and over 600 individual clients. Currently, the revenue of the company’s business clients range from 50k a year to 250 million a year in revenue. The income level of the Individual clients serviced by this firm ranges from 10k a year to 5 million a year. Travis has a Masters Degree in taxation as well as a Masters degree in business administration. Travis worked for one of the largest accounting firms in New Hampshire before starting his own practice in the year 2000. Travis’ certified public accountant license is held through the State of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Travis can also provide financial product services other than tax and accounting advice.