Name: Trent Remillard

MFF Status: Bookkeeper

Business/Organization: Morgan Franklin Fellowship [MFF]

About: Trent is a critically thinking student at Bryant University who loves investing and technology. He is currently in school as an Economics and Finance double major. Trent has had a passion for investing from a young age, and spent many hours thinking about some creative ways to make his money work for him. On top of this, Trent has built multiple computers for his own use as a hobby. He has also passed the prerequisite for the Series 7 test and is hoping to complete his Series 7 test in the near future.

Trent was a part of the original MFF and has worked with Peter on many different projects. He has even visited many of the properties in North Carolina and has constructed a pro-forma of MLPs properties for his senior project. Since then, Trent has transitioned into his role as an Intern with MFF and has worked with them on a number of different projects, with the most recent being the SBA loan applications.  After completing a successful internship, MFF employed Trent to serve as MFF Bookkeeper, which he continues even while at college.

Specialties: Finance, Technology, and project management