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Liam’s Big 3 Business Thoughts – September 2019

By: Liam Deselle, 2016 Pioneer – MFF Fellow

Liam and his Dad, Andy, like to read and discuss business news. Then they compile a list of the ones they feel will be a good read for and will benefit other Fellows. ~Enjoy

 Trade Wars

We  have certainly heard a lot about trade wars and China in recent months.   One survey I thought was worth noting is mentioned in the below video where we find 62% of CEO’s in the US are dissatisfied with outlook for their company’s given the current trade wars.   They recognize it is a tough program since the also feel China is not treating US business’s fairly.   This is leading some experts to raise concerns about a recession in the next year or so.  —–A Liam learning opportunity— trade associations are mentioned, if you are not familiar with them learn more— Retail Industry Leaders Association, is a good example-

Pay inequality

There has been a lot of information recently about pay inequality, raising the minimum wage and the difference between employee and CEO salaries.    Below is an interesting article showing some States have raised the minimum wage and seen no negative effects.  However the article also notes a July Congressional Budget Office report says a hike in minimum wage to $15 an hour may leave some people without a job. —A Liam learning opportunity— do you know what the Congressional Budget Office is, if not, they are a very important federal agency that provides impartial financial information to congress, on all sorts of different topics… learn more about them!

 It’s good to get away from current events!   

I think it’s important to discuss other topics with friends and family too, not just all current events.  My family likes to use cards that are called “chat pack cards” after dinner sometimes to ask thought provoking questions of each other that are not current event related and lead to fun discussions.  For example, “if you were an airline pilot and were told you could pick any two cities to fly between for the next 25 years which ones would they be?’ …. They are fun questions to get interesting conversations going with our family, mine choices for this one was Boston to San Diego, I have spent time in both cities and it’s fun to experience both East and West Coasts in the US.

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