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Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations

By: Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations


Back in August of 2019, I joined the Morgan Franklin Fellowship Team. It was exciting to be a part of a small team that had a strong mission to provide many with the opportunity to become financially independent. What I did not know when I joined was that our team practices the teachings as well. We go through all of the education that we develop, deploy and share with people. In order to remain on the team, we must complete the Standards of Financial Literacy and become a MFF Financial Fellow (Alumni). There is an unwritten rule that we are to take part in hands-on learning that will give us a taste of what it means to be on the path to financial independence.


Before long, I was shadowing the Founder of the Morgan Franklin Fellowship and Morgan Legacy Partners. Peter Morgan is a serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor. He loves to put together deals, help others and teach along the way. Every one of our conversations somehow starts with a focus on him and his businesses. In any conversation with Peter, it does not take long for him to turn the conversation around to focus on you. He then proceeds to learn about you and look for opportunities where he could teach you something. Often he does this in ninja fashion. He is helping you, but what is really happening is he gives you the tools or insight where you can help yourself to improve.


I had not been with the company more than sixty days and Peter decided to invite me to participate in an upcoming investment that he was coordinating. It was in a very small but tangible way. He was not looking for me to put money into the deal – he was looking at it as an opportunity to teach me about how the deal comes together and works over time.

Since this first investment, he has offered additional hands-on learning experiences. These learning experiences have come in many forms. I have been invited to participate in deals, sat in on various investment meetings, explored potential investment opportunities under consideration, etc. After each experience, I am asked about what I thought, questions I have and what my takeaways were.


Throughout the MFF experience, you are introduced not only to educational concepts, but also to many different people. In my short time with the organization, I have come to meet many people in business, finance, accounting, education, real estate, and more. These professionals all have a deep knowledge base, set of experiences and an extended network that is different from mine. Despite MFF being an online program, so much of what we do is all about people and bringing them together.


You may be thinking at this point that I have experienced quite a lot in my short time with MFF. That may be the case, although the learning opportunities are immense and readily available for those that are hungry for them. MFF is built for and welcomes ambitious learners. I like to think I fall into that category and am taking on numerous learning opportunities currently, with more being presented on a regular basis. Take the first step by signing up for the Standards of Financial Literacy Program. It is the key to open up the many opportunities ahead.


At MFF, we believe that everyone should have the chance to learn to be financially independent. Our team continues to build out free online programs so that you too can start your journey to financial independence. Get started TODAY with our Standards of Financial Literacy Program!

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