Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation Announces Staff Changes

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Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation
Announces Staff Changes

Manchester, NHMorgan Franklin Fellowship has announced that Executive Director Judi Window will be transitioning to a new position as Director of Operations, with Steve Spain assuming the role of Executive Director. 

A sincere thank you goes to Judi Window for her leadership in the Morgan Franklin Fellowship. She has transformed this organization into a viable and usable program for people interested in financial literacy. Her leadership has been extraordinary in making this program a success,” said MFF’s board chair, Beth Steucek. 

Co-Founder of the private non-profit foundation, Michelle Demirjian stated, “Judi’s time as Executive Director of Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation was a pivotal time for the organization. Under Judi’s leadership, the vision to make MFF an online, financial literacy learning platform open to the world came to life. We appreciate the dedication Judi has shown to the organization, and we look forward to the future of MFF under our next Executive Director, Steve Spain.”

“I am so excited to drop into this support role supporting both Steve’s new role as Executive Director and Jillian Starman’s role as Director of Learning,” stated Window of her new position. “I look forward to ensuring Steve’s transition goes smoothly as I focus some of my time on my other duties with Peter Morgan’s two other companies, Morgan Legacy Partners and Longship Capital. Window has her own companies, Healthy Wealthy and Wise, LLC and JJD Central, Inc. Window and her husband also own Diz’s Cafe, a local restaurant in Manchester, NH, which opened during the pandemic.

Reflecting on Judi’s time as Executive Director, Peter Morgan, the Founder of Morgan Franklin Fellowship added, ”Judi joined us full time in October of 2018, with the primary responsibility as Executive Director of Morgan Franklin Fellowship.  She has dramatically restructured our approach to both teaching Financial Literacy and providing a more balanced manner of including students from lower and middle income economic background to participate.  With an expanded curriculum and deeper talent pool within our mentors and staff, she turns the Leadership over to Steve Spain to take MFF to the next level.  A very fulfilling chapter and transition, we see enormous momentum and opportunity ahead to this vital program.”

Judi will still remain very much a part of the organization going forward, continued Morgan, “Judi will continue with her multiple roles within the Morgan Enterprise, acting as Peter’s Integrator, a key advisor within Morgan Legacy Partners and a active role within Diz’s Cafe, an major investment within Peter’s portfolio. Great thing lie ahead for all of us…”

During Window’s tenure, MFF has grown into an online learning platform where hundreds of students successfully completed their core course, Standards of Financial Literacy, to become a Fellow of Morgan Franklin Fellowship. MFF has developed relationships with many other organizations throughout the area. 

The transition officially happened on April 1st and will continue throughout 2022.


About Morgan Franklin Fellowship:

Morgan Franklin Fellowship (MFF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit private operating foundation, focused on supporting the concept of financial freedom by teaching program participants how to save by paying themselves first, invest for their future and grow their net worth. Online programs, events and supplemental materials are designed to help participants of all ages and backgrounds learn the concepts, rules and vocabulary of money, finance and banking.

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Steve Spain, Executive Director


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