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“Providing individuals and organizations tools to build pathways towards financial independence.”

Would you like to embark on a personal journey to financial success? Are you a teacher, advisor or mentor working with young adults, inspiring them to success through an awareness of how personal finances work? Morgan Franklin Fellowship (MFF) is here to help.

MFF knows, for many, there is a clear gap in understanding how money works. Learning how money works and how to talk about money with others are the first steps towards recognizing an individual’s financial goals.  Our online courses and materials are designed to help participants acquire important vocabulary and concepts and to learn the rules of money, finance, and banking.

 Standards of Financial Literacy (SFL), MFF’s signature program, provides the necessary foundation for future learning. This program supports the concept of financial freedom – giving participants the insight to set goals, track net worth and apply knowledge.

Upon successful completion of SFL’s six-module course, participants become an MFF Fellow.

Becoming an MFF Fellow is the ticket to access additional MFF courses and opportunities for mentoring, networking, internships and hands-on projects. These are the opportunities which allow MFF Fellows to continue their journey to personal financial success.

Standards of Financial Literacy Lessons include:

1) Earning Income

2) Making Financial Decisions

3) Value of Saving

4) Using Credit

5) Financial Investing

6) Protecting & Insuring

Other courses include:

  • Economics of Investing
  • Preparing for Homeownership (coming soon)

Your financial future awaits you.


The number of students depends on the generosity of our donors.

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