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Morgan Franklin Fellowship’s (MFF) mission empowers people to become financially independent via a series of programs that help them discover and develop life skills for a future of economic well-being. Financial literacy is the ability to understand and successfully earn, budget, save, borrow, and invest money.

Participation in the program is tuition-free, which is appropriate, because we consider becoming wise about money to be priceless. 

Lessons include:

1) Earning Income

2) Making Financial Decisions

3) Value of Saving

4) Using Credit

5) Financial Investing

6) Protecting & Insuring

Our programs are powered by a secure, online learning platform. Each program utilizes a customized personal learning approach including core curriculum, video lessons, activities, surveys, knowledge checks and micro-courses to supplement the learning process.

MFF’s primary objective is to demystify the path to financial independence. Having an understanding of how money works in the real world offers so many opportunities for security and helps you to avoid monetary pitfalls. MFF Fellows develop the ability to create and manage a budget, understand the difference between wants and needs, and be ready for big purchases — and unexpected costs — down the line.

Your financial future awaits you.


The number of students depends on the generosity of our donors.

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