MFF Programs

Morgan Franklin Fellowship’s (MFF) mission empowers people to become financially independent via a series of programs that help them discover and develop life skills for a future of economic well-being. Financial literacy is the ability to understand and successfully earn, budget, save, borrow, and invest money.

Our programs allow you to manage real money to learn why, when and how to invest — and the profits go to our students.

Participation in the program is tuition-free, which is appropriate, because we consider becoming wise about money to be priceless. 

Level 01: Fundamentals of Financial Literacy

Level 02: Fundamentals of Investing

Level 03: Fundamentals of Business and Finance



Fundamentals of Business and Finance, 3 Year Curriculum, Prerequisites: Fundamentals to Investing, additional accumulated Earn While You Learn Points, (ages 18+)

Fundamentals of Investing, 2 Year Curriculum, Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Financial Literacy, MFF Fellow, accumulated Earn While You Learn Points

Fundamentals of Financial Literacy, a self-paced curriculum, no prerequisites (suggested age 15 and up)

Our programs are powered by a secure, online learning platform. Each program utilizes a customized personal learning approach including core curriculum, video lessons, activities, surveys, knowledge checks and micro-courses to supplement the learning process.

MFF’s primary objective is to demystify the path to financial independence. Having an understanding of how money works in the real world offers so many opportunities for security and helps you to avoid monetary pitfalls. MFF Fellows develop the ability to create and manage a budget, understand the difference between wants and needs, help pay for higher education and be ready for big purchases — and unexpected costs — down the line.

MFF Programs

Fundamentals of Financial Literacy

First-year students acquire the fundamentals of financial independence through budgeting, managing credit and financial planning knowledge, based on curriculum from the National Standards for Financial Literacy. The program is designed to easily fit into the lives of young people with rigorous schedules, whether academic, work or extracurricular activities. Upon successful completion of the Fundamentals of Financial Literacy Curriculum, students earn the title Morgan Franklin Financial Fellow (MFF Fellow). As a MFF Fellow, you will gain access to additional learning opportunities, courses and projects. Earn your way toward our Level 02 program through accumulating Earn While You Learn points. Applying to Level 02 provides you with the ability to earn real money managing foundation funds while you learn.

Fundamentals of Investing

In Level 02, MFF Fellows learn the basics about investing. They learn terminology, gain knowledge about the stock market, test the boundaries of their risk tolerance and have the opportunity to earn real money through managing investment portfolios set up through the foundation.  

The curriculum defines the essentials of understanding and making real-life investments.  Fellows are encouraged to work with mentors from the world of finance and business to gain valuable knowledge not learned inside textbooks or online.

Fundamentals of Business and Finance

Fellows who make it to Level 03 follow their passions toward financial independence along three pathways:

  • Advanced stock market investing
  • Real estate investing (including commercial, residential, affordable housing and property management.)
  • Business and entrepreneurship

Your financial future awaits you.

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