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Fundamentals of Business and Finance

Fundamentals of Business and Finance, Level 03 of the Morgan Franklin Fellowship, is a three-year program, and not everyone who completes the first two levels chooses to participate in Level 03.

At this level, individualized curriculum follows your business and financial interests with an eye on your passions. You guide the progress, focus and success of Level 03. With rock-solid knowledge of how money works and investing experience, your path follows one or more tracks:

Business growth


Advanced investing in the stock market:

MFF Fellows continue on the path of investing in and learning more about the stock market. C-suite advisors and mentors take you under their wing for in-depth stock analysis and trading tactics. Custom learning programs provide valuable resources as you continue the program.



This track prepares our fellows to become future business owners and/or business partners. Fellows learn to invest funds in companies and special projects – one of the most-satisfying aspects of business! Level 03 topics may include: 

Business ownership: Attend real business meetings with mentors. Learn how to create a business pitch for a meeting. Deep dive into the many day-to-day tasks of owning and running a successful company, no matter the size.  

Internships: Discover “What is an intern and an apprentice?” “What do they do?” “How do I become one?”

Explore your specialty: MFF staff and mentors will work with you to develop a curriculum around your interest and passions.


Real estate investing:

MFF founder Peter Morgan’s passion is here. Smart real estate investing is how he made his money! This level digs into: Fellows, mentors and MFF’s core team, including Peter:

  • Exploring the benefits, challenges and pitfalls of commercial real estate and residential real estate investing.
  • Property management education with mentors and MFF’s core team.
  • Learn about and organize a real estate syndicate to invest in projects such as affordable housing properties.
  • Discover how to assess the idea and structure the deal.

Level 03 Prerequisites

Participating in Level 03 of the MFF program requires:

  • Successfully completing Level 01 and Level 02 Programs
  • Gaining Earn While You Learn Points*
  • Completing the application process
  • Ages 18+

Earn While You Learn points can be gained by tasks such as:< br /> 

  • Writing blog posts for the MFF website
  • Taking an MFF Micro Learning Course (MLO)
  • Creating content for an MLO
  • Meeting with a mentor
  • Participating in many different ways based on your abilities and interests
Liz H., Morgan Franklin Fellow

“I wrote a pre-financial literacy course to get Middle School students excited about money and financial concepts. I hope to work with them  to get them thinking about financial independence,” Liz said.

Meet Morgan Franklin’s Summer 2019 Intern

Liz H. is a high school senior and a Morgan Franklin Fellow. Her guidance counselor at school heard about MFF and knew Liz would be a good fit for their pilot program.

“At age 14, I wanted to get a job. Growing up, I lived in Section 8 housing, and my parents were on disability. I wanted to know how I could make money. When I found MFF, I knew it was going to be a good fit,” Liz said. 

Liz is a Fellow, but she impressed the team MFF so much that she became the summer 2019 intern. Liz attended meetings and assisted the team where needed, while still balancing a part-time job as an assistant manager at a large grocery store, and she still had time for swimming in the summer. 

Her goal for the internship: write a micro-course for MFF students. She completed three!

The first digs into topics like: What is a resume? What is your biography? How do you write them? How should they look, feel and be presented to others? 

The second looks at the basics of taxes, what it means to “do your taxes,” the differences between W2 and 1099 income and the various kinds of taxes that affect all of us.

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