Programs • Level 02

Fundamentals of Investing:

Once you complete the Fundamentals of Financial Literacy curriculum within Morgan Franklin Foundation (MFF), you may continue your participation as an MFF Fellow and build your financial and business knowledge while earning your way toward applying your developing skill set into making practical investment decisions through simulations and real life case studies.

Fundamentals of Investing, MFF’s Level 02 curriculum, introduces Fellows to the world of investing. In this two-year program, you will gain an understanding of key terms that you will be confronted with when investing in the stock market. More importantly, you’ll gain life skills and confidence that will allow you to become a wise investor. You will learn the basics of investing and the purpose for stock markets in society.

You will learn the financial vernacular so you begin to understand concepts such as:

  • Economics
  • Financial Markets
  • Deeper dive into types of investments
  • Stock Indices (i.e. S&P 500 Index)
  • How to analyze stocks and bonds
  • Investment strategies
  • Governance, Regulation & Ethics

In year two, you will learn even more:

  • Buying & Selling Investments
  • Timing of investments
  • Investment Risks
  • Building investment portfolio
  • Different account types (i.e. Roth IRA, 401(k))
  • Who’s who in the world of investing
  • Sustaining investment portfolio over time
  • Measuring your rate of return (are you making or losing money)

Risk-what does that mean?

There is risk associated with every decision we make in life. Your tolerance for investment risk will be tested as you begin to look at various investment types. You will learn how to look at companies and tactics for analyzing their factors for risk versus return. This will help you decide where and how to place your initial investment and the meaning of diversification.

Fellows utilize the expertise from advisors and mentors  in the business community to begin planning for your initial investments, and then learn when and how to measure your success — or misfortune.

“Throughout my career, I’ve given a lot of financial advice to a variety of young people starting their lives, offering direction and different options for investments. It’s exciting to have this opportunity, especially because it’s something that is largely missing from our society. It’s great to be part of something that will bring financial literacy back to the youth,” said Marc Lussier, an MFF Mentor and strategic investor.

Level 02 Prerequisites 

To participate in Level 02 of the MFF programs, you must first:  


    Skin in the Game

    “Stock market simulations online are good to learn the basics, but it’s cool to have the ability to make decisions that do matter when investing in the real stock market. To have my own skin in the game and to see money grow was intriguing to me as a kid. 

    I definitely learned don’t just go with companies you know. Don’t be afraid of doing a little research. Just because you don’t know the name of the company does not mean it’s not a good investment. A lot of people go for classics like Apple and Google. They’re great; don’t get me wrong. But you can delve a little deeper and find a hidden gem.”

    Trent R., a Morgan Franklin Fellowship Pioneer, is a junior in college with a double major in finance and economics.

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