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MFF Founder Peter Morgan with MFF Fellows
MFF Founder Peter Morgan works with MFF Fellows.

MFF opportunities such as experiences, projects and internships are designed to complement your education and professional knowledge. Below are five personal development skills to focus on as part of your opportunity to ensure it is meaningful and beneficial to you:

  • Self-development – use an internship to develop your skills and to grow your character.
  • Initiative – take every chance you can to work hard, learn more and ask if there are other tasks, projects or assignments you can help with.
  • Communication  –  become a better collaborator and team member by listening to others and sharing your thoughts and ideas in a clear, concise and respectful way.
  • Time management – work smartly to organize your work to meet established deadlines.
  • Collaboration – work with others to meet stated goals, complete a project and have fun while doing it!


To participate in any of our MFF opportunities, participants must be an MFF Fellow and be 18 years of age. If under the age of 18, participants must have written consent from a parent or guardian for participation.


  • Usually a single event
  • Voluntary basis to gain experience
  • Supplemental (additional) MFF curriculum content may be suggested by the organizer of the event but is not required
  • No additional deliverable outside of the experience is required


  • Short term time commitment requirement
  • Projects are on a voluntary basis to gain hands-on experience
  • Supplemental (additional) MFF curriculum content may be requested by the organizer
  • Requires a blog, report or presentation at conclusion of project



  • Four to eight weeks in length; generally will last for six weeks
  • Can be a paid or unpaid 
  • Completion of supplemental (additional) MFF curriculum content may be required at the  discretion of the mentor
  • Required capstone (i.e., report and presentation) at conclusion of internship


As an MFF Fellow, an internship is a great way for you to explore possible career options, apply learned skills (and acquire new skills!), determine personal strengths and weaknesses and establish professional connections.

We work with you to find interesting opportunities suited to your needs. Some MFF Fellows are paying it forward. Learn about Griffin Dunaway’s unique perspective here.


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