Time, Talent, Treasure

That’s What You Donate!

Morgan Franklin Fellowship Founder Peter Morgan refuses to slow down, even though he could spend his days on the golf course. But, sharing knowledge remains one of his passions.

Matching MFF Fellows with mentors helped make the pilot MFF program a success. While Peter’s vast library of contacts, colleagues and friends yields mentors for the program, there’s always room for more. We’re looking for you*:

*We offer guidance, training, and certification for our Advisors, Mentors, and SMEs.

Advisors = Leaders, teachers or those on a teaching/training path who will lead cohorts of students and Fellows through curriculum. Many Advisors arrive built-in to cohorts, such as high school teachers, financial counselors or organizational leaders for established programs utilizing our curriculum. Some cohorts, like the Marines, come with captains!

Mentors = Professionals in finance or the business world who are open to sharing a little time and talent with our Fellows

SMEs = Subject Matter Experts who can expand minds and our curricula

Sponsors = Companies and organizations who would like to develop a customized cohort can add their own logos, advisors and mentors to our MFF programming. They might even want to work with us to develop content driven Micro-Learning Options (MLOs)

Donors = Philanthropic institutions, individuals, organizations and foundations that value financial literacy can donate money to support programming, Fellow-run investments and special projects. The more funding, the more Fellows can participate. The number of Level 02 & 03 openings are based solely on the generosity of donors. You provide the funding for Fellows to manage.

Cohorts, Sponsors & Donors

Guide your own partnership options with Morgan Franklin Fellowship. There are a variety of ways we can team together with the goal of imparting financial literacy.

Advisors, Mentors, Volunteers & Subject Matter Experts

Your advice and expertise are valuable resources for Morgan Franklin students. Consider sharing your time and talent as a mentor, volunteer or subject matter expert.
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