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Without sponsors, donors and cohorts, Morgan Franklin Fellowship could not function. There are so many opportunities for partnerships. We’re extremely flexible and open to a variety of concepts.

  • Cohorts are made up of diverse populations – from the Marines to college-prep groups and banks to non-profit groups.
  • For sponsors of cohorts, we’ll customize an investing program for you and your chosen cohorts with your company’s or organization’s branding (logos, colors, etc.), and you can even help develop content-driven Micro-Learning Opportunities (MLOs).
  • Donors are key to investment education, as they provide the funds that Fellows use to invest in real stocks. The more funding MFF receives, the more Fellows can take part. Donors support our education programs and special projects, too.

Contact Executive Director Judi Window for information on a partnership with MFF!

MFF is a great opportunity for everyone. No matter what an individual’s age or where they come from. We discussed investment strategies, how aggressive to be in the market, even Ponzi schemes. These are things I wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to talk about. … In my personal accounts, I go for fast-moving stocks that grow quickly. For MFF, I might go for the slower-moving, blue chip stocks. But it all depends on my investment strategy.

Trent R.
Pioneer Fellow with double major in economics and finance

Get Involved. Contact us for information on a partnership with MFF!


The number of students depends on the generosity of our donors.

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