Advisors, Mentors, Volunteers & Subject Matter Experts

Your Time + Talent = Treasure 

MFF’s students and Fellows gain knowledge from advisors and mentors throughout all program levels.

  • Advisors guide and coach students while managing their cohorts. They keep an eye on progress, points and status.
  • Mentors reinforce and solidify the curriculum for our charges via their real-world experience. Each of our students choose a mentor or multiple mentors for support through the duration of the program, promoting growth via your personal and professional networks and resources. MFF prefers mentors to have practical experience in business, finance and/or investing. However, anyone working in a professional capacity is considered as a mentor.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide value to students via their know-how. SMEs who are savvy in different elements of finance help guide our micro-learning courses. (Mentors can also be SMEs.)

You might be an advisor, mentor or SME and not know it!  Are you an engaged adult open to giving advice, consulting or imparting wisdom to students in the program? You choose what, who and how much you want to participate, whether working with those just learning what financial independence means, to Fellows who are ready for internship/apprentice programs.

Partner with us today. Fill out an application and become one of our valued advisors, mentors and/or SMEs!

MFF is a great opportunity for everyone. No matter what an individual’s age or where they come from. We discussed investment strategies, how aggressive to be in the market, even Ponzi schemes. These are things I wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to talk about. … In my personal accounts, I go for fast-moving stocks that grow quickly. For MFF, I might go for the slower-moving, blue chip stocks. But it all depends on my investment strategy.

Trent R.
Pioneer Fellow with double major in economics and finance

Get Involved! Become an Advisor, Mentor or SME.

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