Judi Window

Executive Director

Name: Judi Window

MFF Role: Executive Director

About:  Judi Window is an experienced, hands on, forward thinker, “sleeves rolled-up” manager and community leader. She is a motivational leader, teacher and speaker always seeking other people’s points of view. In addition to her work with MFF, Judi works with Morgan Legacy Partners, Longship Capital and JJD Central. In May 2020, Judi and her husband opened Diz’s Café, a neighborhood eatery in downtown Manchester, NH and she is also the owner of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, LLC.

Judi was a founder and President/CEO of Granite State Ambassadors for nearly 20 years. She spends time volunteering with various organizations, including the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications. She continues to guide NH Granite State Ambassadors as a board member.

Specialties: teaching, speaking, training, marketing, & project management.