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“A word after a word after a word is power.”

We love this quote by Margaret Atwood. And we love to learn. Often during our team meetings, we share what books we are reading and the impact they are making on us. Now we’d like to share our love of learning (and good books!) with you!

We have recently added an MFF Book Suggestions page to our website, featuring our favorite books on money management, personal and business development, leadership skills, and real estate investment. These are books that have helped us to grow personally and professionally.

For instance, our Director of Operations Mike is a fan of Ken McElroy’s The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing. Mike says, “This book is the best place to get started for anyone that is interested in real estate investing. Ken’s book takes what is a very complicated world and breaks it down into a manageable, fun and informative read. I have read and listened to this book and often go back to it for reference in my work life for everything including evaluating an investment, management, sale and everything in between. Whether you are interested in real estate as a side project or you work as a real estate professional, you will certainly find all kinds of gems sprinkled throughout this enjoyable read.”

Watch as our book list continues to grow in the coming weeks. Is there a book that has helped you to grow your  personal or professional confidence? Share your book suggestions with us! 

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