The Journey to Financial Independence

Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations

By: Mike Cashion, MFF Director of Operations


Often, we look to others and the outward appearance they portray that they have it all figured out. Much of the time, they do not have it all figured out. Those that are doing well have likely figured out how to navigate the uncertain waters over time. They have fallen on their face, picked themselves back up, moved forward and learned through experience. 

Many of us are not born into financial independence. It is an ongoing journey where we start at zero and grow from there. The place to start is by generating money through working for someone or by starting a business where you can sell some sort of product or service. Most of us start by working for someone else. Then we begin saving, paying for our expenses and learning about how money works.


Money, saving, credit/finance, banking, risk, forecasting, and wisdom come over time. Money is far from intuitive. We all make mistakes and learn along the way. There are many conflicting messages out there that send mixed messages and make it difficult to make informed decisions. Marketing and advertising messages are designed to catch our attention and convince us to part with our earned money or to utilize credit to make a purchase whether or not it is in our best interest.

It may sound funny, but there are tips, tricks, rules, regulations, policies and resources that can either hold you back or propel you forward. Some of them are tough to understand where others are not immediately obvious, and there is not a whole lot of incentive for for-profit organizations to educate their customers about these. It can be very profitable if you do not know the rules of the road. With that said, organizations that are selling you products or services intentionally make them complicated so that they can hide costs, fees, and the actual value you will receive.


“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” -Phil Jackson


Our significant others, colleagues, friends, and family play a big part in the journey to financial independence. It is critical to have people to go to when you have questions, concerns, share something that happened or bounce an idea off of them. Having the RIGHT members on your team to reach out to for support on financial decisions is crucial. Do you want someone on your soccer team who doesn’t know how to play soccer? No. You want to have people on your team who have life experience in financial decision making. Having an honest conversation about a tough lesson learned and where to go from here brings confidence and the support we all need. Your team matters!


Here at MFF we believe that everyone should have the chance to learn how to become financially independent. Our Founder, Peter Morgan, found his way to financial independence. He started the non-profit education organization, Morgan Franklin Fellowship, as a way of educating others on how they too can find their way to financial independence.

Learn more and take the first step by registering for our first course on the Standards of Financial Literacy here:

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