From College Student to Financial Independence Coach

What a Difference a Year Makes!

In just one year, MFF Fellow (and former Intern) Trent Remillard has gone from working hard as a college student to launching his career as a personal financial advisor with a national lending institution. We recently caught up with Trent to learn more about his exciting journey and are delighted to share his update with you!

MFF: Hi Trent! It’s so good to connect with you! Congratulations on your recent graduation from college. Tell us about your degree!  

Trent: I graduated from Bryant University this spring, double majoring in Finance and Economics. 

MFF: We hear congratulations are in order as you have recently accepted a position with TD Bank*. Tell us about this exciting opportunity.

Trent:  I am a Personal Financial Advisor and will help people plan for retirement and hopefully achieve all of their financial goals in the process. I will be based in Greeneville, South Carolina, but will serve banks around the nation virtually.

MFF: What excites you most about your new work with TD Bank, both personally and professionally?

Trent:  Personally, the idea of helping people achieve financial independence through retirement planning is pretty exciting to me. It will be interesting to see and hear people’s stories and to develop a comprehensive retirement plan on their behalf. Professionally, I am most excited about now being in a role focused on two of my passions: investments and finance.

MFF: Not only are you an MFF Fellow, you have interned with MFF and now serve as MFF’s bookkeeper. How has your involvement with MFF shaped or contributed to your success?

Trent: As an MFF Fellow, being exposed to investment knowledge at a young age helped me develop my interest in investing. MFF also helped me to learn basic financial literacy skills. Now I get to share my knowledge with those looking to retire but who are not entirely sure how to do it.

MFF has been like a compass for me on my journey to financial independence. I’ve learned every decision I make can either lead me a step closer towards my goals – or further from them.

MFF: What advice would you offer to your peers about beginning their professional career?

Trent: Do a lot of extracurriculars and show initiative. They have helped me to where I am today and by taking initiative  (like taking the SIE Exam, working to become the bookkeeper for MFF, earning a double major, etc.) I was able to secure this opportunity with TD Bank.

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*Please note: The content of this blog has not been approved or endorsed by TD Bank or its affiliates. This blog represents the opinions and experiences of Trent Remillard. It is in no way financial advice or a reflection of TD Bank and its affiliates.

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