Which Path Will You Choose? An MFF Book Club Recommendation

MFF BOOK CLUB REVIEW – The book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a phenomenal book that is not only very informative, but also very easy to understand. Robert Kiyosaki was influenced heavily by both his “Rich Dad” (his friend’s father who became one the richest men in Hawaii), and “Poor Dad” (his biological father who spent his entire life working in education). He contrasts these two individuals’ perspectives on a variety of issues from financial, to just perspectives on life. Having these two perspectives paints a clear picture for the reader of how successful people look at a problem versus how unsuccessful people look at a problem. From the readers’ point of view it makes each seem very understandable and simple to grasp. For issues that need a bit more explanation, Robert Kiyosaki will even put in easy-to-read charts, to help visual learners such as myself, better understand his point.

From my perspective, the book itself is a must-read. It’s easy to understand, but yet the information in it is priceless. One of my favorite reoccurring themes of the book is that successful people grow from failure instead of letting it eat at them, like most people do. Successful people also don’t shy away from risk out of fear of failure. That message is a powerful one, and a key takeaway from the book, and something that stuck with me long after reading. I think that this book should be read by everyone, whether you are a student such as myself, a business professional, etc. The ideas Robert Kiyosaki are trying to convey in this book, although mainly focus on the ideas finance and business, are very applicable to any path you may choose. I would especially recommend this book to people my age, high school – college range, because it is invaluable information that will benefit you for years to come. I truly believe that with the lessons taught in Rich Dad Poor Dad, anyone can escape the rat race and be the successful person they dream to be.

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About Trent:
Trend Memillard, MFF FellowTrent R. is a Pioneer Fellow at Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation. He received his Fellowship in 2015. Trent interned with us last summer and recently traveled to North Carolina to attended a formal Partners’ meeting with one of our donor companies, Morgan Legacy Partners.

Trent is in his second semester sophomore at Bryant University, with a double major in Finance and Economics. Trent is also Bloomberg certified, and currently working towards getting his series 7 license. He has worked with our founder, Peter Morgan on a number of different projects in past, and some that are upcoming in the future. Trent’s hobbies include investing (invested in the stock market, precious metals, real estate, etc.), and video games (he built his own computer at the age of 14).

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